Electricity prices are too expensive! You can’t pay? You don’t want to pay? We do not pay. We are on strike!

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    The strike initiative Wir Zahlen Nicht fights against the massively increasing energy costs.

    Many of us can no longer afford the rising prices. Everything is getting more expensive, from food to electricity. A situation is looming in which people have to choose between an empty stomach and a dark apartment. Important infrastructure and small businesses are economically threatened while energy companies are making huge profits. We say: enough is enough!

    We are going on a payment strike to assert sustainable and affordable electricity. As soon as 1,000,000 people joined us, we will take the price of electricity into our own hands. Together we will go on strike against the monthly down payment. We demand that electricity must become a public good – without profits for corporations, without damage to the climate.

    We demand:
    A ban on power cuts
    An affordable electricity price of 15 ct/kWh
    The socialisation of energy supply
    100 % renewable and decentralised energy

    Our plan

    It’s simple: we demand sustainable and affordable electricity for all. Our means of pressure is the payment strike, i.e., the mass non-payment of the down payments for electricity. As soon as 1,000,000 people joined us, we will take the price of electricity into our own hands and cap our monthly bill at 15 ct/kWh. If our demands are not met, we will stop payments completely.
    This is not a new idea. Strikes are not only used against employers. There have already been many payment strikes against electricity companies in the past, both in Germany and in other countries. We are building on this experience.
    What we need to do:

    Build a strike movement.

    For the payment strike to work, we need many people to join us. It is up to all of us to win the payment strike! Whether you knock on your neighbors’ doors or talk to your colleagues, whether you organize street stalls, throw parties, or hand out flyers, the possibilities are endless, and there are no limits to your imagination. Together we can win enough people for the payment strike – street by street, estate by estate, and city by city.
    Alone, of course, it’s only half as much fun to win people for the payment strike. That’s why we’re joining forces. How do we do that? It’s simple: enter your zip code in our join-in tool and we’ll connect you with people from your area. Through a shared Telegram group, you can then start a group with our guide, develop and exchange ideas – and recruit many more fellow strikers.

    Become one million.

    To build up enough pressure and protect each other we need a critical mass of people to join in the payment strike. Therefore, we will not strike until one million people agreed to join in.
    Already in 2021, 3 million people had difficulties paying their electricity bills. Due to the massive price increases, more and more of us are feeling the same way. We want to bring those who can’t pay anyway together with those who no longer want to pay for the absurd electricity prices.
    By building a strong mass movement, we can build our leverage and put pressure on energy companies and government to meet our demands.
    Be a part of it! Pledge that you are ready to strike as soon as 1 million people joined in.

    Go on payement strike.

    As soon as one million people joined in, we will go on payment strike. This means that from a certain date on, we will go on strike for partial payments.
    The payment strike will take place in two stages:
    1) We will no longer pay the regular electricity price, but only a down payment of 15 ct/kWh. This corresponds to the price for electricity from renewable energies and a socialized energy supply. Those who cannot pay 15 ct/kWh should receive the amount thy need from our soli pot.
    2) If nothing changes despite the strike, we will go one step further and stop our down payments completely.
    In order for the payment strike to succeed, a few preparations need to be made: First, you should cancel your direct debit mandate. You can do this right away without facing any risk. Now, your provider will send you invoices which you can, for example, pay by standing order.
    As soon as we start the payment strike, you can change or stop the standing order altogether. Different banks have different deadlines for changing a standing order. Find out in time how it works at your bank!

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