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For the payment strike to work, we need many people to join us. It is up to all of us to win the payment strike! Whether you knock on your neighbors’ doors or talk to your colleagues, whether you organize street stalls, throw parties, or hand out flyers, the possibilities are endless, and there are no limits to your imagination. Together we can win enough people for the payment strike – street by street, block by block, and city by city.
Alone, of course, it’s only half as much fun to win people for the payment strike. That’s why we’re joining forces. How do we do that? It’s simple: enter your zip code in our join-in tool and we’ll connect you with people from your area. Through a shared Telegram group, you can then start a group with our guide, develop and exchange ideas – and recruit many more fellow strikers.

Below you will find all the latest information on events and local groups of Wir Zahlen Nicht.

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    We’ll help you get started by putting you in touch with a local Wir Zahlen Nicht group or help you start a new group if there isn’t one in your town already.
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    You want to learn more about Wir Zahlen Nicht or get active yourself? Here you can find all nationwide events. Come by!

    Are you organizing a Wir Zahlen Nicht event in your city? Send us the information to

    Lokale Gruppen

    Already, people nationwide are working to establish local Wir Zahlen Nicht groups in their area.

    Here you will soon find a map where you can find all our local groups.